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Why Is Newgrounds?

2009-12-20 19:49:11 by DarkPhazon

Why is Newgrounds?

We all go down about ten points with just about everything we say here in any thread in at least one's person's perspective and if not them, then somebody else we don't know. Collectively, that's not much. But what is that saying about the human race? That under the plane of absolutely no consequences, all we can do to save ourselves from madness is to subject ourselves to absurdity and ludicrousness? I don't get this philosophy we all seem to have going that we're funny or talented or "in" with a group of people, I mean, what are you, us, we all getting out of this? T-this place? BEING IN THIS PLACE FOR MOST OF OUR TEEN YEARS and maybe our adult years if we're dumb enough to get friendly with the staff or, worse yet, curious enough to become one. What is this place but a polluted playground for the internet.

What was Newgrounds originally? A basement project, and then Tom's website, and then a company, and then a video game development team, to a meme engine. Now its all flash, and its all staff-generated. There are sections that will never be updated, never fixed, or maybe even never removed. I remember when I first came here, I used to enjoy Tom Fulp's postings, it was like a tradition to raise my hand and call out when he posted or when another mod posted - Because they had something great or legendary to say back to not only me but everyone else. Now all I see is "Wacom Winter, Wacom 09, Wacom 08, Wacom 2, 3, 8, Treasure Hunt 2008. Wacom, Wacom, Wacom. All that seems to get forwarded is the next big Flash project, like there is no connection to the common schmuck. All of the old cliches and series that kept people like me coming back to the BBS to chat and frolic and loiter have either ended or evolved to moot levels where they no longer seem to progress, or authors decide to drop the series to pursue longer endeavours. Its like the aura of "The problems of the future. Today!" have literally become self-inspired by everyone and been forced into just about everything.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate Newgrounds. I've had too many ALTs here to hate it that much. But what makes me anymore Newgrounds than you, yes YOU! The one reading this right now, not the other guy with twenty eight more experience points than you, not the friend from AIM you invited here five months ago. YOU. How many experience points am I away from simply picking up everything I have, saying goodbye to this place and just deleting my account. How many years am I going to sit and watch Flashes that have no dicohotomy or rhythm and perhaps even point of sustenance? How much longer are those flashes even going to be around for - how much longer will they be made? When will the next flash artist retire? Is there a redesign peeking around next month? Or will I just be staring at another new holiday background? Am I just looking too far into this place.

Where do we all get that sense of impunity from here anymore? Does anyone here still have that? I certainly lost mine, but maybe that's just because I was here as a kid, and back then, the idea of things as small as "Mario vs Sonic" was the coolest thing in the world to me. In little over a period of a year and a half, maybe two years at most I adapted to the bulk of everything the internet had to throw at me, maybe that's why Newgrounds just feels so much smaller now than it did before. Yeah, I know there'll be a mod who'll look over my post history in less than three minutes and contradict almost five or six years of my childhood by telling me that I contribute nothing - That unless I become a staff member or a flash artist, I have no stake here. Then my only outlet here is to complain over the BBS, which is my contribution. But then how hypocritical are they then when I obviously hold only one way to add to anything here, to leave a mark on anything? How much, even if I had the skills of ArmorGames or LegendaryFrog or even Krinkels, would I need to "contribute" before I actually saw the faces behind the screen names - before I felt active here again, like Newgrounds was worth spending a fraction of my childhood/adolescence on.

How am I a Newgrounder unless I have a tragic story of lost friends, lost hopes, new experiences, false experiences, and commitment to the ideal that a grunt (that is, a Newgrounder who does not challenge the staff on any site problem or community issue) should never complain or evolve beyond a grunt? Maybe I would have been better off simply never finding this place, and growing up a non-paradoxed child with more censored images of the world. Ignorance is bliss.

Think about it - Do you or I even matter here if we are to die or go missing. Is anyone recognized beyond colossal achievement in one of Newground's typical awards, are we an ultraviolent production or a mild cornerstone of creativity like Newgrounds used to be? Is there any solace in commenting on the generation that comes after you, making them feel worse than you did when you got laughed at for being a newbie? Really I ask everyone...anyone who can look at this seriously.

Are you happy with Is? Or do you desire then? Or maybe you can't wait for soon? Let me then, if you answered this question, ask this then. Am I dangerous for thinking about all of this? Lol. Damn this is long and cumbersome. I don't even remember why I started it - It was just an "I hate what Newgrounds has become" and then a self-defensive "Even my year was better than this year", now its a "Newgrounds vs Logical Reality".

Why IS Newgrounds?